Nikos Symvoulidis

PhD Candidate

Nikos was born in Athens in 1980. He completed BSc degree in the “Studies in European Civilization” in the Humanities School of the Hellenic Open University. After graduation (2011) he pursued postgraduate studies in the Graduate Programme in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology from 2015 to 2017. The two-year programme is offered jointly by the Department of Philosophy and History of Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Division of Humanities, Social Sciences and the Law, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens. He graduated with a MSc in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology with a major in History and Sociology of science. In 2018 he was accepted as a PhD candidate in the same department. He is conducting a doctorate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Stathis Arapostathis. His research is a sociological analysis of biotechnology laboratories in Greek research and universities which examines the relationships and effects of the market and the business world on academic and public research on biosciences and biotechnology. He has conducted sociological research in a nanobiology laboratory in the National Hellenic Research Foundation where he has focused on the study of a biotechnology research project in the food industry. For his research thesis he will conduct research in two more biotechnology laboratories, the Bioengineering laboratory in the Biomedical Sciences Research Center “Alexander Fleming” and the Toxicology and Animal Pathology Laboratory in the University of Thessaly. His research fits at the interface of sociology of research and innovation and science and technology studies. He has a research experience of three years with many interviews as well as a vast experience in studying the interrelation of the market and the research practices in university and R&D laboratories. He is working on publications on the currently finished field work that has focused on a sociological analysis of a research team that conducts research in the area of nano-emulsions and their use in the food industry.