New release: ICON Special Issue “Entangling Technological Infrastructures, Material Flows and Enviromental Modernities”

In this special issue, we explore the sociopolitical entanglements of different technological systems and the way that this affects, in different places, patterns of well-being, of economic and environmental development, and emergent concerns about sustainability.

Stathis Arapostathis and Frank Veraart, Guest Editors

ICON: Journal of the International Committee for the History of Technology 28, no 1 (2023)
Stathis Arapostathis and Frank Veraart
Introduction: Entangling Technological Infrastructures, Material Flows and Environmental Modernities
John Martin
British Agricultural Revolutions: The Dissemination and Assimilation of More Productive Methods
Sotiris Alexakis and Stathis Arapostathis
From Exploitation to Adaptation: Entanglements, Nature, and Agricultural Practices in Greece, 1920–2000
Klara Strecker and Frank Veraart
From Kenya with Love… Agents Shaping the Backbone of a Telecoupled Rose System, 1920–2020
Claiton Marcio da Silva and Claudio de Majo
The “Fire Day” in Brazil: Soybean Monocultures and Politicisation of Arsons during the Great Acceleration
Robrecht Declercq
Economic Geology and the Global Copper Frontier (1900–1980): Expanding the Futures and Reserves of Mining
Efi Nakopoulou and Stathis Arapostathis
Material Flows and the Geopolitics of PV: Constructing the Geographies of the EU Research Networks for Solar PV Technologies